The Group entered the aluminium market in 1978 thanks to a distribution agreement signed by ALCOA and VITTORIO CAUVIN. The business developed gradually with the establishment of ALLUMINIO DI QUALITA’ in 1986. After the acquisition of Lampro Alluminio and Fover Alluminio, ALLUMINIO DI QUALITA’ has now become one of the leading Italian distributors of semi-finished aluminium products for the industrial, shipbuilding and constructions markets. In 2019 the activities in the building and construction sector have been concentrated in ALQ SYSTEM in order to better focus on such market.
CAUVIN METAL was established in 2011 and is the result of the spin-off of VITTORIO CAUVIN’s non-ferrous and ferrous metals trading activities. After VITTORIO CAUVIN’s long experience as agent for BHP BILLITON in Italy, the company rapidly became one of the major Italian traders of primary aluminium and can provide logistic service and hedging operations in the London Metal Exchange. Besides primary aluminium CAUVIN METALS is also active in the trading and brokerage of lead, zinc and steel products.