Vittorio Cauvin
Ernesto Cauvin
Gian Vittorio and Max Cauvin
In 1890 Vittorio Cauvin, a second-generation descendant of a French family which settled in Italy in the mid 18-th century, established a company named after him in Genoa and started importing fertilizers, a new trade at that time. It is with the establishment of VITTORIO CAUVIN, which became a holding in 1985, that the history and the development of the Cauvin Group began. Despite the difficulties encountered during the two World Wars,
the company continued to grow rapidly, mainly due to the dynamism of Ernesto Cauvin, the founder’s son. After World War II the company began to deal with steel and also to develop export activities, thus starting the diversification process which marks the history and the current structure of the Group. In 1966 Ernesto Cauvin for his entrepreneurial abilities, earned him the title of ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’, one of Italy’s highest honours.